Art and Automation's Sound System Helps to Create a Mood at Ferraro's Restaurant Under Tight Schedule

Wailea, Maui, HI, January 1, 2003 - When the Four Seasons resort renovated its exclusive beachfront Ferraro's restaurant, a complete dining experience was the objective. A distributed audio system that blended with the environment, rather than detracting from it was required. Audio vendors Maui Sound Systems called upon partners Art and Automation, Inc. to provide a solution that would work within the environment.

Working under a tight schedule, Art and Automation designed and built a custom integrated audio system in three weeks. The system required multiple audio sources to be switched between different zones of the restaurant while accommodating live musicians. The goals of the design were optimum sound quality, minimal visual intrusion, and ease of use for the restaurant staff. A touchscreen with a user interface designed for Ferraro's was implemented for user friendliness and aesthetics.

Art and Automation designed the system using components from companies such as AMX, Speakercraft, QSC, Autopatch, Marantz, and Alesis. The system allows multiple sources (CD, Digital Music Express, live musicians) to be switched to multiple zones within the restaurant simultaneously. Volume levels are also individually adjustable for each zone. All controls are accessed through a touchscreen interface designed by Art and Automation. All visible parts of the system, from the speakers, to the touchscreen platform, to the interface software, were themed to blend in with the environment created by architects at Island Design Center. Live musicians plug into the system from the stage and use the system's compressor/limiter. The resulting system covers all areas of the restaurant with high-quality sound while keeping visual impact to a minimum.

About Art and Automation, Inc.
With roots in the Theme Park industry, Art and Automation, Inc. is dedicated to bringing theme park technology to homes and resorts. The company designs and builds complete systems to create turn-key environments that meld sound, vision, and automation.

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